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A Real Estate Investment Company, with a Focus on Hosting Short-Term Rentals.

PalmAir focuses on leasing and purchasing curated properties with the intention to host short-term stays.

We give guests the local experience they expect by providing all the amenities and services of a hotel, but through privately owned properties.

Properties selected for our program, are provided with the consistent, long-term rental income landlords come to expect with added benefits.

Consistent Revenue

Automatic and consistent payments. Our goal is to pay you ahead of schedule. 

Long Term Benefits

Properties see reduced wear and tear and utility usage compared to an average tenant.

Proper Management

Regular deep cleanings by our corporate cleaning companies and minor maintenance coverage.

Professionally Maintained

Less Appliance Usage

Less Utility Usage

Professional Cleanings

Safe & Secure

Reducing Costs

We reduce the cost of maintenance and utilities to provide a better source of revenue for you by minimizing the wear and tear to your property.

All minor maintenance and professional cleanings is handled by our trained staff with relevant experience in managing properties.

"We are every landlord's dream tenant, and want to connect with more owner's to show them why. "

PalmAir LLC.
Bradenton, Florida


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