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PlamAir is a Real Estate company that focuses on hosting short-term rentals through privately owned properties.

We lease and purchase selected properties with the intention to host short-term stays with complete end to end management. Our partners are provided with a lot of benefits, including minor maintenance coverage, regular professional cleanings, and reduced wear and tear on their property.

Delivering Amazing Experiences

We give our guests the local experience they strive for by providing them with, cleanliness, amenities, and service of a hotel but through privately owned properties, making their stay more enjoyable.

All our partner properties are re-invented to make it more suitable for potential guests who are looking for a homely experience with top-of the line service.

Guests themselves are managed by an experienced host that takes care of all their needs and be there to help when they need it. 

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PalmAir LLC.
Bradenton, Florida


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